4 Important Considerations When Choosing A Banquet Center For Your Wedding Reception


A banquet center is often a practical location to hold a wedding reception for a number of reasons. For starters, booking through a banquet center can save you the hassle of finding an outside caterer. Furthermore, banquet centers are generally designed for these types of events. Before you decide to book just any banquet hall for your wedding reception, however, there are four important considerations you'll want to keep in mind.


Start by considering the location of the banquet hall. Will it be easy for you to transport any necessary decorations or accessories to the hall on the day of the reception (or sooner)? In addition to being within a reasonable distance from your home, you'll also want to think about your guests. Will choosing this banquet hall require many of your guests to travel a significant amount to attend your reception? If so, and if you anticipate this being an issue, then it might be best to look elsewhere.


The amenities of a banquet center can vary greatly, so it's a good idea to start by asking for a detailed quote, with a breakdown of all services included. At the very minimum, your banquet hall should include your room rental for the entire reception, along with tables and chairs. It should also include dinnerware if you will be utilizing the hall's caterer. Some additional amenities to look for include wireless Internet access, audio-visual equipment, table linens, and chair covers.


Banquet halls can generally accommodate large groups of people, but you'll want to inquire as to the maximum capacity of the hall you're looking to rent out. Then, compare it to your anticipated maximum guest number to ensure that the two are in line. Also, if you're planning on having a larger reception (such as one with hundreds of people), you may also want to check with the banquet hall to find out whether or not you'll be required to purchase a liability insurance policy for the night.


While cost should certainly be a deciding factor in choosing a banquet hall, it certainly shouldn't be the only deciding factor, which is why it's included last. As you look at your quoted price from the banquet hall, look beyond the number and consider what you're getting. For example, you might initially be drawn to a low quote from a banquet hall, only to realize that the quote doesn't include anything beyond the room rental and tables/chairs. In such a situation, it might make more financial sense to go with a hall with a higher quote but more amenities.


26 August 2015

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