Four Tips For Choosing A Restaurant For A First Date


Dinner dates aren't just about spending time with someone you admire. They are also about making a pleasant impression, enjoying a delicious meal and having a great time. The restaurant you choose will have a large influence on just how successful you are at meeting these goals. Make sure you know how to choose a restaurant for your date.   

Existing Relationship

How well do you know the person you are going out with? For someone who you are just getting to know, restaurants with a lot of distractions might not be the best route, such as a loud, live band or short theatrical presentation. These distractions limit the time you and your date have to actually converse and focus on each other, which is a goal. Save these places for a date later in the future when you know each other better.

Price Point

A large number of restaurants have their menus available online. Prepare and do some research. Don't simply pick a restaurant that has a few items within your price point. Choose an option that has an entire menu within your budget. Unless you want to offend your date and kill your relationship before it starts, you don't want to tell your date they can only order from certain sections of the menu or an item under a certain price.

Lighter Fare

Your date won't exactly find it appealing if your restaurant selection requires that they defy all their nutritional goals, such as a greasy burger joint. Choose an option that also has some lighter fare choices too. Take an Italian restaurant, for example. While there are plenty of rich and creamy selections available, there are also healthier options like penne puttanesca and many dishes can be prepared with the sauce on the side for greater portion control.  

Backup Plan

Even if you believe you've found the perfect restaurant for your date, it's a good idea to have a backup plan in place. Say you have a barbecue restaurant in mind, for instance. When you pick up your date, you see they are wearing an all-white ensemble. The heavy staining barbecue sauce probably isn't going to be the best complement to their clothing. Having another option in mind would be helpful so that you don't have to start your search all over again. 

The more thought you put into selecting the perfect restaurant for your date, the better the experience for both you and your companion. Contact a local restaurant, such as Pizzeria Roma, for further assistance.


11 May 2016

Managing Your Restaurant With Care

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