Two Reasons Your Blast Chiller's Condensing Unit Is Working Overtime


Keeping a blast chiller running efficiently is critical to maintaining food quality and staying in compliance with food safety regulations. Like any other appliance, there are a number of things that can go wrong and cause your machine to break down. One particularly troublesome issue is having your condensing unit run for long periods of time or having it never shut off. This can shorten the lifespan of the condenser and your blast chiller. Here are two things that may be causing the issue.

Bad Door Gaskets

One thing that can make a condensing unit continuously run is bad door gaskets. The blast chiller's doors are constantly being opened and closed throughout the day, which can cause the gaskets to wear out at a faster rate. Dirt buildup and improper cleaning (e.g. using corrosive products or sharp instruments) can also contribute to the gaskets' deterioration. When the gaskets go bad, cold air leaks out of the appliance and the condensing unit works overtime to make up for the loss.

Inspect the gaskets for tears and looseness, and replace them if it seems like they are falling apart. To maintain your gaskets and help extend their lifespan, clean them on a daily basis using soap and warm water. Make sure the gaskets are completely dry before closing the door. Avoid using sharp instruments to clean the folds of the gaskets, as you could end up damaging them. Try to minimize the number of times the door is opened throughout the day by loading food in large batches. Talk with a professional, like Hy-Point Restaurant Equipment & Supplies Inc., for more cleaning and maintenance tips.

Dirty or Frozen Coils

Another reason why your condensing unit may be running constantly is the coils may be dirty or frozen over. When the coils are covered in dirt or ice, it makes it that much more difficult for the appliance to maintain the proper temperature. Condenser coils should be cleaned at least twice per year. If it's been longer than that since the last time this part of your blast chiller has been cleaned, then dirt may be causing it to malfunction.

In addition to letting cold air leak out, bad door gaskets can cause condenser coils to freeze. The coils may also ice over, however, if the automatic defroster isn't working or refrigerant is low or leaking out. You can manually defrost the chiller by turning it off and letting the ice on the coils melt. If they freeze up again soon after and your door gaskets are fine, you may want to have a commercial refrigerator professional check your unit to determine if the defroster or refrigerant is the blame.


29 May 2016

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