3 Tips For Running A Successful Pizza Restaurant


Pizza is big business! Around 350 slices of pizza are consumed every second and the annual revenue from the pizza business is a whopping $32 billion. For many, opening a pizza restaurant may seem like a business opportunity that cannot fail. However, the restaurant business is tricky. Nearly 60 percent of restaurants fail within their first year and 80 percent never make it to their fifth anniversary. Running a successful pizza restaurant can be a challenge. Here are three tips for running a pizza restaurant with staying power.

Know The Competition

Before opening up a pizza restaurant, it's important to know about the surrounding competition. There are over 60,000 pizza restaurants across the US. Chances are, if a customer wants pizza, they have plenty of restaurants to choose from. One way to ensure that customers are more likely to choose one restaurant over the other is by making sure it is well situated. A pizza restaurant that's located in a convenient area is going to get more business than one that's out of the way. Also, making sure that there aren't too many competing pizza restaurants in the same area is important. It can be very difficult to break into a market that's already over saturated with pizza options.

Affordability And Options

When it comes to pizza quality, affordability and options are incredibly important. The average cost of a pizza is $13.21. Pizza is usually sought out as an affordable meal though there are plenty of more expensive pizza pies out there. Most successful restaurant owners are able to find a balance between affordability, ingredient quality, and menu options. This balance is a key part of making a restaurant profitable and can take some trial and error to get right. A successful pizza restaurant is able to switch things up when they need to be.

Get The Word Out And Deliver

Fast pizza delivery is a must for most pizza restaurants. It's also important to get the word out and make sure customers know that they can get a pizza delivered to their home. Getting the word out involves having a well-designed website and a dedicated social media presence in addition to more traditional forms of advertising. A phone app that also allows customers to purchase a pizza for delivery with just a few swipes is also a great part of any online strategy. 

Running a successful pizza restaurant can be a challenge. Three things that can give owners an advantage include knowing the competition, striking a balance between affordability and quality, and making sure that the restaurant has a solid online presence in addition to fast delivery. For inspiration or just to eat some tasty pizza, visit a restaurant like Chuck's Pizza.


23 November 2016

Managing Your Restaurant With Care

Several years ago I realized that I needed to do something about the way that my business was running. I owned what used to be a popular restaurant, but in recent years, I was having trouble getting people in through the door. I was really frustrated with our sales, so I started focusing heavily on turning things around. I worked with a professional restaurant consultant to make some big changes, and it made a huge difference. This blog is dedicated to managing your restaurant the smart way. After all, you never know how incredible your restaurant can be without focusing on what needs to change.