Why You Should Visit A Wood-Fired Pizza Restaurant


If you enjoy the taste of pizza and frequently look for pizza restaurants to visit in your area, you'll likely come across an establishment that uses a wood oven. Even though most pizzerias use standard pizza ovens today, wood-fired pizza restaurants are a fixture in many communities. If you haven't previously eaten this type of pizza, you may wish to give it a try — perhaps either with a spouse on a date night or with a group of friends. There are several reasons that this type of pizza restaurant can be enjoyable, including the following.

Unique Flavor 

A lot of people enjoy wood-fired pizza because it tastes a little different from pizza that comes out of a conventional oven. You'll find that a lot of pies are a little charred around the crust because of the intense heat from the wood fire. The charred nature of the pizza enriches the flavor of the crust — a part of the pizza that can otherwise sometimes taste a little bland. While wood-fired pizzas don't have a profoundly smoky flavor, it's often possible to detect a few smoky notes from the wood fire in each bite.

Crispy Texture

If you like your pizzas on the thin side instead of the thick and doughy side, you'll want to check out a wood-fired restaurant. A lot of these establishments build their pizzas to be thin, as this allows them to cook very quickly in the hot wood oven. The combination of the thin dough and the intense heat of the wood fire can often lead to the pie being a little crispy at the edges, which can be enjoyable. Some of these restaurants allow you to choose what style of crust you want when you order, with thin crusts being one of the available options.

The Atmosphere

You might also find that you get more of a show when you visit a wood-fired pizza restaurant than a conventional one. Often, the fire is visible from certain areas of the dining room. This is especially true when the restaurant is small. It can be fun to see the kitchen staff slide patrons' pizzas into the wood oven, rotate them occasionally, and then pull them out. You'll enjoy watching and wondering which pizza is yours. You'll also enjoy the smell of wood fire from the moment you approach the restaurant until you leave, which can add to the ambiance of your visit.

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14 February 2022

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