Design Details To Assess When You Shop For A Blast Chiller


It's common for the kitchen of a restaurant to feature a large array of stainless steel items. Prep tables, deep fryers, and many other items are made of stainless steel, which is durable, easy to clean, and offers a professional look. If you're equipping a commercial kitchen, there are several specialized stainless steel devices that you may wish to consider. One product is a blast chiller, which is a stainless steel freezer that is designed to rapidly lower the temperature of items you place in it. A blast chiller is handy in food preparation because it allows you to freeze items much quicker than placing them in a conventional freezer. If you're interested in shopping for a stainless steel blaster chiller, here are some design details to evaluate.


Stainless steel commercial blast chillers vary in size. This device is equipped with several interior racks that are designed to hold large sheet pans that contain the items you wish to freeze. Small blast chillers have just a few interior racks, while large units feature significantly more. Think about what type of capacity you want this piece of equipment to have. The larger your restaurant, the more likely you'll benefit from having a large-capacity blast chiller in the kitchen.

Temperature Drop

When you read about different blast chillers, you'll typically see information about how quickly they can drop the temperature of the food that you place inside of them. These details can vary from unit to unit. For example, expect to see information on how many minutes it takes the interior of a specific unit to go from one specific temperature to another specific temperature. It's generally best to choose a unit that offers the quickest temperature drop that is available.


You should also assess the footprint of various stainless steel blast chillers to find the best unit for your restaurant kitchen. Many of these devices have a vertical design rather than a horizontal one, which helps to keep their footprint relatively small. Commercial kitchens often have minimal free space, so choosing a unit with a small footprint will reduce the clutter that you add to this space. Be sure to carefully measure the available space that you have in your kitchen to ensure that your new blast chiller will fit exactly where you want. Visit a restaurant equipment store to look at a selection of stainless steel blast chillers for your kitchen.

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1 May 2023

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