Watching Your Weight? 4 Steps For Creating A More Healthful Sandwich


If you thought your favorite sandwich shop was off-limits now that you're trying to eat more healthfully, you're wrong. There are ways to enjoy a sandwich for lunch and still stay healthy. All you have to do is watch the choices you make while you're ordering your lunch. Here are four steps that will help you choose a tasty and healthful sandwich the next time you head out to a sandwich shop like Flancers.

It's All About the Bread

A healthful sandwich begins with the right bread. To make a sandwich that's tasty and good for you, begin with whole wheat bread. You can also use whole-grain wraps or pita bread as well. Whole grain breads are rich in fiber that your body needs. Unfortunately, white bread loses out on nutrient-rich fiber during the milling process – which also bleaches the grain and gives it the white appearance. Keep your sandwich healthful by switching from white to wholegrain.

Say Yes to Protein

When choosing the main ingredient for your sandwich, be sure to say yes to plenty of protein. Choose sandwich meats that are low in calories and low in fat such as turkey, tuna or salmon. Try to avoid sandwich meats that are high in fat such as bologna and pastrami. While these meats might be tasty, they're also extremely high in saturated fats.

Put a Salad on It

A sandwich isn't a sandwich without a salad on it. Now that you're adding the extras to your sandwich, be sure to pack on the vegetables, especially those that are high in fiber. Vegetables like leaf lettuce, spinach, tomatoes and cucumbers are loaded with fiber. That means that not only will those vegetables help you meet the daily recommended requirements for fruits and vegetables, they'll also help fill you up faster.

Easy on the Condiments

Eating healthfully doesn't mean you have to forego the condiments. You just have to choose more wisely. Instead of reaching for the mayonnaise, add some honey or Dijon mustard. If you can't resist the taste of mayo on your sandwich, ask for low-fat mayo instead.

If you've been avoiding the sandwich shop because you're trying to eat more healthfully, stop. You can still enjoy your favorite sandwich by making a few simple adjustments. The tips provided here will help you enjoy your afternoon sandwich by showing you quick and easy ways to make your sandwich more healthful.


20 April 2016

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