6 Suggestions For A Sandwich Luncheon Variety Platter Everyone Will Love

If you are planning to have a departmental luncheon for the associates in your area, you may be considering ordering from a local sandwich shop. Yet, if you have a wide variety of workers in your area, there are likely to be a number of tastes that you will need to satisfy with your order. Here are a few suggestions for a variety platter that is sure to be enjoyed by everyone: Include Turkey or Chicken Although, you probably have several associates who prefer red meat, be sure to order a sandwich platter that includes turkey or chicken. Turkey is Read More →

Two Restaurant-Style Ribeye Recipes You Can Make at Home

Ribeye steaks are a great cut to start with if you’re not accustomed to making steak at home. They have enough fat marbled through them to keep them moist and delicious even if you overcook them a bit, and the meat seems to act like a sponge, easily absorbing the flavors of your chosen marinade. If you want a steak without going to the trouble of cooking it, head to a restaurant such as Bullwinkles Top Hat Bistro. If you’d like to enjoy a restaurant-style ribeye at home, here are a couple recipes to get you started. Lemon Thyme Ribeyes Bright Read More →

Learn How To Order A Large Number Of Pizzas For Your Next Party

If you plan to throw a party in the near future and want to have pizza served at the party, it is important to make plans in advance. When ordering numerous pizzas, placing an order well ahead of time ensures that the pizzas can be made in time and be kept warm until they can be delivered. The guide below walks you through the process for ordering numerous pizzas for your party.   Order A Variety of Pizzas The first thing you need to do is to decide what types of pizzas you want to order for the party. Consider Read More →