3 Questions To Help You Decide Between Boxed Lunch Or Buffet Style Catering


If you are hosting an afternoon event, two common choices for catering include boxed lunches and buffet style. Boxed lunches are complete, individual lunches that usually include a main dish such as a sandwich or wrap and two side dishes such as vegetables, fruits, or salads. They usually come in individual bags or boxes. Buffet style catering generally has a larger number of choices for the main dish and may offer several more side dishes. It is usually set up on a table and either served by catering staff or self-service onto individual plates. Choosing between boxed lunches and a buffet can be difficult, but these questions should help you make a decision. 

Where Will You Be Serving and Eating Your Lunch? 

Boxed lunches offer greater portability before lunch and are a good option if you have informal seating. For example, if you will be hiking, going on a tour, or otherwise moving throughout the day, it can be a good idea to allow each individual to carry their own boxed lunch or to keep boxed lunches on a bus to quickly pass them out at lunch time. However, if you are in one place and have adequate seating for a slightly more formal lunch, a buffet can be a cheaper and more flexible option, allowing individuals to decide what they prefer to eat as they look at the available food. 

Do You Have Exact Numbers or Strong Food Preferences? 

If you do not have an exact number of participants when you order your food, you may be better off selecting a buffet style. This is because a buffet can accommodate a range of people with different appetites without wasting food. However, if you have an exact number, then you may be better off ordering boxed lunches for each individual. This allows you to accommodate food preferences and allergies. For example, you can order vegetarian boxed lunches without being concerned that non-vegetarians will consume them before the vegetarians in your group get an opportunity to eat. 

Do You Have Time to Clean Up? 

Cleaning up after a boxed lunch is highly individual and simply involves packing the trash into the box and throwing it out in a dedicated receptacle. Cleaning up from a buffet lunch can take a little bit more time and requires someone from your group to be put in charge of cleanup. However, buffet lunches tend to produce less trash overall, so can be an environmentally friendly choice. 

Whether you decide on boxed lunches or buffet style catering, it is important to talk to your caterer about your options and make a specific menu that will impress the guests at your event. For more information on catering, consider contacting restaurants like The Great Wall Restaurant.


26 April 2016

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