Want To Go To An Italian Restaurant? 4 Simple Tips For Eating Vegan


When you start eating a vegan diet, which is also referred to as plant-based, you are likely to make substantial changes to where you shop, what you buy, and which restaurants you visit. Some restaurants will have clearly marked options for you to choose from, which is ideal, but this is not always the case. If you want to go out to a new Italian restaurant or one that you have been to before, but not since you started eating a vegan diet, you should know how to guarantee a positive experience.

Watch Out for Egg, A Common Ingredient in Fresh Pasta

Most pasta that you get from the store does not contain any egg. But, this pasta is specifically made to be sold as dried, so it is made with different intentions compared to pasta made to serve fresh. It is common for fresh pasta to contain egg, so you need to keep an eye out when going to restaurants. The best thing to do is ask the server, as they may know the answer, or at the very least, can get you an answer.

Many Italian restaurants carry dry pasta, so it does not mean a pasta dish is off the menu immediately.

Many Italian Dressings Are Naturally Vegan

If you want to get a salad, you should feel confident in your ability to get Italian dressing. The main ingredient that gets into these dressings which is not vegan is Parmesan cheese. It is best to check up with the server before automatically choosing Italian dressing, but it should not be hard to get a tasty salad. In the case that it does contain cheese, you can ask for olive oil and vinegar, which is a viable alternative.

Get Pizza and Load Up On Vegetables

Pizza is another popular dish that you should consider getting at an Italian restaurant. Most crusts are vegan, so all you need to do is skip the meat and cheese to enjoy a vegan-friendly pizza. To enjoy a flavorful pizza without these two traditional toppings, you should load on the vegetables. Garlic, onion, zucchini, mushrooms, peppers, and tomatoes are several examples of vegetables worth considering.

Minestrone Soup and Marinara Sauces Are Your Friend

Marinara sauce is a basic sauce that can be used for pasta or pizza. It typically does not have any non-vegan ingredients, so you can almost always rely on it for food at Italian restaurants. If you want a soup, minestrone is your best chance of getting one that is naturally vegan.

With a little preparation, you can enjoy almost any cuisine with a plant-based diet, especially Italian.


26 April 2016

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