How To Make Healthy Choices At A Seafood Restaurant


If your family or friends want to head to a seafood restaurant while you are watching what you eat, you could be worried about making the right choices. However, there are plenty of healthy choices at many seafood restaurants -- you just have to know what to order. Following these tips can help you make healthy choices throughout the entire meal, so you can feel good about what you have eaten while still enjoying delicious food!


You don't want to start your meal off on a bad note, so try to avoid the bread basket, which might feature buttery rolls or fried hushpuppies. Instead, consider sharing an order of shrimp cocktail with your dining companions, One jumbo shrimp features about 14 calories, while a teaspoon of cocktail sauce only has about 5 calories. This means that you can enjoy a few cocktail shrimp without blowing your calories before dinner is even served. Alternatively, you can have a simple salad to get in some veggies before your meal. Just skip the fried appetizers and creamy clam chowder if you want to keep your fat grams and calories in check.


When ordering your meal, make sure that you steer away from fried foods. Instead, look for fish or shrimp that are broiled, baked or steamed. When eating foods like shrimp, crab legs or lobster, avoid using too much of the melted butter that is served with it unless you want to take in a lot of fat grams. Also, when ordering a side for your seafood, skip the french fries and opt for a salad, steamed vegetable or plain baked potato. Then, keep the butter and sour cream to a minimum when preparing your baked potato to eat, since both of these accompaniments can really pack on the fat grams and calories in no time.


Many seafood restaurants serve key lime pie and other similar fare as an end to the meal. Consider sharing your slice with someone else at the table, or ask if the restaurant serves fresh, seasonal fruit to cleanse your palette from the seafood and end your meal on a slightly sweet note.

You don't have to blow your entire diet just because your loved ones want to hit a seafood restaurant like Tin Top Restaurant & Oyster Bar. If you follow these tips, you can eat well at every step of your meal, and you're sure to leave satisfied without feeling guilty.


12 May 2016

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