Plan A Special Getaway At The Shore To Celebrate Your Spouse's Birthday


If you are going to be surprising your spouse with a romantic getaway at the shore this summer to celebrate their birthday, the following activities can be included to make the trip one that is memorable.

Dining At A Classy Seafood Restaurant

Make reservations at a seafood restaurant that is located right on the beach. Research popular restaurants in the area that you will be visiting before you leave for the trip so that you can find one that has received excellent reviews and that has staff members who will do their best to accommodate you and your spouse during the dinner date. Choose a table that is set up in a quiet corner outdoors on a pier, overlooking the ocean or nestled in the back of the restaurant, away from large crowds.

Order the fish of the day or platters of seafood with several different types of fish so that you and your partner can experience a wide range of items that you normally do not consume while at home.

Purchase a bottle of fine wine and toast your loved one before the meal. If a live entertainer is present at the restaurant, inquire about them dedicating a song to your loved one or providing a private performance near the table where you are dining so that your spouse feels honored on their special day.

Partaking In An Ocean Adventure

Explore parts of the ocean by participating in activities that you and your partner may have never had the opportunity to do before by making reservations to go snorkeling, scuba diving or sailing on the ocean. Provide your partner with encouragement if they seem timid about the adventure that they are about to embark. Make the most of every moment that you and your mate are out to sea in an environment that is far away from the hustle and bustle of your normal routine.

Discuss the activity with your spouse once the trip has ended. Ask them about their perspective of the ocean adventure. Purchase a trinket, such as a small ocean painting or arrangement of colorful seashells, to give to your partner as a birthday gift that will help them remember the time spent out at sea.

Bicycling While Site-Seeing

Ask your loved one if they would like to rent bicycles for the day in order to see the sites around town. Suggest that a camera is taken along so that you both can take pictures of each other while enjoying the points of interest that are encountered. Once the trip is over, the photographs can be placed in a scrapbook that is designated for your spouse's birthday trip.

Stop at each location that interests your partner and suggest some locations of your own. Try to make the biking excursion as laid back as possible so that you both can soak up the sights and sounds of the environment.

Your spouse may appreciate the time that you spent to make their birthday enjoyable and will feel close to you because of all of the special moments that were shared. 


22 May 2016

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