5 Fantastic Thai Dishes


Thai food offers a series of dishes that run the gamut of flavors: creamy, umami, spicy, savory, and even sweet. Whether you want to try your hand at fixing one of these dishes on your own or you want to order food online, this brief article will serve to inform you of some of the best Thai dishes for you to peruse.

Gang Keow Wan

Although Indian curry is known for its thickness, Thai curry dishes are known for their soup-like texture. Gang keow wan is no exception. This green curry dish is served quite spicy and is filled to the brim with chicken, galangal, bamboo shoots, basil, lemongrass, lime, and eggplant. It is possible to thicken the blend after cooking with a side of sweet rice.

Guay Teow Lui Suan

For fans of burritos and spring rolls, guay teow lui suan stands in between both worlds. This dish uses a thin rice paper in place of a tortilla roll, but it is significantly bigger than your average spring roll. It is stuffed with a variety of different ingredients including carrots, basil, ground pork, and lettuce. What really adds an element of incredible flavor to this dish is the dipping sauce, which is a sweet and sour dish that can have an element of spice added to your taste.

Panang Gai

Panang gai, while still not being as thick as Indian curry, is served much thicker than gang keow wan. Also unlike gang keow wan, it is a red curry dish. This coconut-based curry is incredibly savory and spicy and served with lime leaves and kaffir on top of it.

Guay Jub

Guay jub is a soup that utilizes a thick, fat-based broth that is brown. Very thick noodles that are about one inch in diameter help to soak up this concoction. A variety of other savory ingredients litter this dish, including tongue, crispy pork skin, lung, and green onions. What makes guay jub a truly distinctive dish, however, is an incredible, almost overpowering, flavor of black pepper. It is, in some ways, the true definition of a Thai dish that is an acquired taste.

Gang Massaman

This curry, Halal dish again wildly differentiates itself from the other two curry dishes on this list. While the other two dishes are quite spicy, this red curry dish is distinctive due to its unique sweet flavor. Coconut milk, nutmeg, peanuts, and even cinnamon are all used in this dish's construct. Potatoes and chicken are used to thicken up the dish a bit and soak up the curry, but the curry itself is served quite thin.


25 May 2016

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