Six Essential Dos And Don'ts For Your First Dinner Date


First dates are both exciting and nerve-wracking. This is especially true when "dinner" is the activity of choice. It will just be the two of you dining together, so your date is sure to notice what you do and don't say or do. A little pre-planning and research can go a long way towards ensuring your first dinner date is successful. Here are some dos and don'ts to ensure you follow.

Do: Look at the menu ahead of time.

If you decide in advance what you're going to order, you'll be able to focus more of your attention on your dining partner and the conversation. Plus, you won't embarrass yourself when the waiter arrives to take your order but, because of your nerves, you've barely scanned the menu.

Don't: Drink too much.

A drink or two with dinner is perfectly acceptable. But you don't want to get sloppy or risk an unsafe drive home. Order a glass of water along with your alcoholic beverage so that you can alternate between drinking the two and avoid over-indulgence.

Do: Choose dishes in the middle range in terms of price.

Ordering the most expensive dish on the menu may suggest you're spoiled or demanding (especially if you're not the one paying.) Ordering the least expensive dish may suggest you're cheap (if you're the one paying) or that you're afraid to let others treat you (if you're not paying.)

Don't: Pull out your smartphone.

You can do without checking the weather or your email for an hour or two. Turn your smartphone off before you even enter the restaurant, and keep it off until you leave. If you think you'll be tempted to play with it during dinner, leave it in the car. Your date will enjoy that you're focusing on them instead of on your electronics -- and you'll learn more about your date this way, too.

Do: Be kind to the waitstaff.

Even if they bring you the wrong order entirely, treat them with respect and dignity. Usually, kitchen mistakes are not the waiter's fault -- and you don't want your date to think that you're demanding or entitled.

Don't: Be afraid of a little silence.

If there's a pause in the conversation, don't stress out. When a new and interesting topic comes to mind, you can bring it up -- but don't rush to say something just because the silence is awkward. This is when people end up embarrassing themselves by saying silly things. A lot can happen in silence. Smile at your date. Observe how they react to the silence. When the words come, let them come -- but don't force them.

Above all else, remember that it's just a date. If you don't like this person or they don't like you, that's perfectly okay. You'll find someone else, and so will they. For more dinner ideas, contact a place like Sister's of the New South.


26 May 2016

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