On A Diet But Want To Eat Out? Don't Skip The Pizza Restaurant


If you are craving pizza but you have been diligent about watching what you eat and are trying to diet or cut calories, there are a few different things you can do so you don't have to skip on ordering what you crave. You can get a pizza for dinner and eat in moderation, as long as you are smart about what you put on it. You can go to any pizza restaurant and find most of these options or alterations, so you don't have to skip out on the fun when everyone else is going out to eat. Here are a few things to consider.

Be Wise About Cheese

There are a lot of low calorie cheese options you can choose for your pizza, along with asking the pizza restaurant to go light on the cheese. Choosing parmesan and feta, along with other cheeses that are healthier than the traditional Italian blend you may get when you order a traditional pizza, helps you watch your weight and heart health while still getting the gooey topping on your pie.

Thin, Gluten Free or Whole Grain Crust

Many pizza restaurants now have a variety of crust options that won't make you feel overstuffed, and that are significantly healthier for you than the traditional options. You can get a thin crust pizza, which reduces the amount of carbs and calories you intake, along with gluten free or whole grain options. Ask what they have before you order to so you can match the crust with your pizza accordingly.

Skip Meat and Add More Veggies

Skip the ham, pepperoni, sausage and other meats many people get on their pizza, and instead fill your slices with fresh vegetable options. This is going to help add nutrients to the pizza, help you feel fuller, and reduce the amount of sodium you intake from eating the pizza. If you desperately want meat, try chicken or Canadian bacon.

If you're going to a pizza restaurant, you'll be able to have an extra alcoholic beverage or soda because you cut so many calories by choosing a healthy pizza option when you ordered. Ask the waiter if you can have a salad before they bring the pizza out, so you can get some extra nutrients in before you dive into your pie. You can eat pizza no matter what type of diet you're on, just know what toppings you should order.  

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8 June 2016

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