It's Not All Tiramisu: 4 Classic Italian Dessserts Besides The Infamous Coffee Flavored Dessert


If you're headed out to eat at an authentic Italian restaurant, you might expect to order tiramisu for dessert. That's great if you happen to love the popular Italian dish, but if you are looking for a change, then you should try one of the cuisines other delicious offerings. Here are some desserts that you might find at an authentic Italian restaurant. There are custards, cakes, and puddings to try.


Zabaglione is a custard that is made with a sweet wine. The wine used is typically Marsala, a sweet wine made in Sicily. The custard is made by mixing egg yolks, sugar, and the marsala wine together in a double boiler. The custard is not as firm as puddings you might be used to. It also has an airy and light texture. Zabaglione is normally served in a champagne or martini glass with either a small Italian cookie or some fresh berries.

Crostata di Marmellata

This is a simple jam tart. It's very similar in style to a Linzer torte in appearance. It is made with the same intricate latticework top and it is filled with jam. The difference with the crostata di marmellata is that pastry dough is a basic piecrust, whereas a Linzer torte will have a crust made with ground nuts.

The filling for the crostata depends upon the chef. Some chefs will use a plum jam or strawberry jam, while others will opt for a more tart citrus jam such as lemon or orange.

Gelo di melone

This is a really nice dessert that is popular in Palermo. It's not a very common dish, but if you happen to be in a restaurant that serves authentic Sicilian cuisine, then you might get a chance to order it.

It's a watermelon pudding that is made by cooking down and pureeing watermelon and then mixing it with sugar, vanilla and cornstarch. The cornstarch acts as a thickener since there are no egg yolks or gelatin used in the recipe. The mixture is then cooled and served with either ground up pistachio nuts or whipped cream.


This is a delicate cake that gets it's name from the Italian city of Genoa. It's very popular all over Italy and even spread into France. The cake is made without baking powder or yeast. The way it is leavened is by whipping up the egg whites beforehand. The cake can either be decorated by a sweet jam, or an Italian buttercream.

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28 June 2016

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