Learn How To Order A Large Number Of Pizzas For Your Next Party


If you plan to throw a party in the near future and want to have pizza served at the party, it is important to make plans in advance. When ordering numerous pizzas, placing an order well ahead of time ensures that the pizzas can be made in time and be kept warm until they can be delivered. The guide below walks you through the process for ordering numerous pizzas for your party.  

Order A Variety of Pizzas

The first thing you need to do is to decide what types of pizzas you want to order for the party. Consider the thickness of the crust that you want for the pizzas. Then, consider the toppings that you want on the pizzas. If you are going to be feeding the pizzas to children, you may not want to have spicy toppings, such as jalapenos added to the pizzas. Have some pizzas created with nothing but cheese and some with meat and even some with nothing but vegetables so that they are vegetarian-friendly.

Decide When You Need the Pizzas

Next, you need to decide when you want to have the pizzas delivered. You want to be sure that the pizzas are delivered a few minutes before your party wants to eat the pizzas so that they can be as warm as possible when people start to eat them. When placing the order, let the pizza shop know exactly what time you need to have the pizzas so that they can make a plan for ensuring all of the pizzas are done when you need them to be done.

Choose if You Want the Pizzas Delivered or Not

Finally, you need to choose if you want the pizzas to be delivered or if you want to pick them up at the store. If you are planning a surprise party, you may want to carry out the pizzas so that the person who the party is for does not get tipped off that there is a surprise party being planned for them. Seeing multiple pizzas being delivered could be a sign that a party is being planned.

When the pizzas arrive, be sure that there is plenty of space to spread out the pizza boxes so that people can get whatever type of pizza they want. Stack like pizza boxes on top of one another to save room and have Parmesan and spicy pepper flakes available for guests to add to their pizzas.  


5 July 2016

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