6 Suggestions For A Sandwich Luncheon Variety Platter Everyone Will Love


If you are planning to have a departmental luncheon for the associates in your area, you may be considering ordering from a local sandwich shop. Yet, if you have a wide variety of workers in your area, there are likely to be a number of tastes that you will need to satisfy with your order. Here are a few suggestions for a variety platter that is sure to be enjoyed by everyone:

Include Turkey or Chicken

Although, you probably have several associates who prefer red meat, be sure to order a sandwich platter that includes turkey or chicken. Turkey is often considered a healthier alternative, and it still satisfies the craving for meat. If you have dieters in your area, they may prefer turkey or chicken due to calorie and fat restrictions.

Include Beef

For those who are not dieting and have not chosen to eliminate red meat from their daily intake, beef is still a great option. Roast beef can be offered as a choice. Be sure to ask the shop for condiments that complement beef, including au jus if it is available.

Veggies Only 

Nowadays, at least a couple of people in your department are likely to be vegan. This is typically not a problem for most sandwich shops. Vegan alternatives that maximize the heartiness and flavors of various vegetables are combined to form delectable sandwiches. Offer cheese as a condiment in case the vegetarians and meat-eaters in your area still include dairy in their diet. However, offering vegetarian foods is important in recognition of the religious and cultural diversity that may be represented in your work area.

Include Lettuce Wraps

Some dieters avoid bread. Include lettuce wraps in your order as alternatives to bread or tortillas.

Request Small Cuts of Sandwiches

Some people will want to try several different kinds of sandwiches, so it may be wise to ask the shop to slice the sandwiches into small pieces. That way, each person can sample multiple flavors during the luncheon. 

Consider the Sides

Although you may not realize it, many sandwich shops offer wonderful side dishes, such as salads, chips and soups. You can order a couple of large containers of soup for those that prefer it, but it can be handy to also provide individual packages of chips for sanitation and ease of distribution.

If you are planning to have a luncheon in your work area and have decided to purchase the meal from a sandwich shop, contact the shop for a complete menu of available items. 


30 September 2016

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