4 Important Considerations When Choosing A Banquet Center For Your Wedding Reception


A banquet center is often a practical location to hold a wedding reception for a number of reasons. For starters, booking through a banquet center can save you the hassle of finding an outside caterer. Furthermore, banquet centers are generally designed for these types of events. Before you decide to book just any banquet hall for your wedding reception, however, there are four important considerations you'll want to keep in mind.

26 August 2015

Make Your Own Mignonette And Enhance Your Fresh Shellfish


When you are fortunate to find really fresh seafood, such as oysters, it is a shame to drown them in sauces or heavy spices that hide the flavor. A mignonette is a traditional accompaniment to oysters and other shellfish that accentuates the fresh, briny flavor of the fish and that provides the right pop of acidity that an oyster really needs. Try some of the following recipes for mignonette the next time you create an oyster bar for a party:

15 August 2015